VH 6th single :: Lycoris

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2012/02/14 USI

VH 6th single :: Lycoris

© Copyright-VELVET HEADZ (885767548879)
Time 4:27 Price $0.99 (US) ¥150 (JP)

Floriography of “Lycoris” means “reunion”. Beginning of an abrupt encounter, its painful past, overcoming timidity, in search of a new light. VH’s first rock theme which positively changes your heart, reinforcing one’s courage to move ahead together with that special someone.

大事な人と一緒に前に進んで行こうとする勇気がいつしか生まれ, 強くなっていくそんな心模様を描いたVHの初ロックナンバー。

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